Wood outside-wood inside

May 28 2014

This project was quite a challenge, as we had to turn a 600 square meter public building into a residence with an air of warmth, comfort and home.

         It is no secret that the heart of any traditional home is its hearth. So, we ‘broke’ the 24-meter glass facade with a fireplace on the inside and a stove on the outside. The main image idea of this project was its interior to exterior relation.

         The pine forest surrounding the house is literally reflected in the glass facade. Shadows of the trees are forever imprinted in the glass units creating an illusion of the forest outside blending with the forest inside. Bright daylight flooding the sitting-room makes us feel as if we are relaxing outdoors among tall red pines with soft light filtering through their needles. Twilight brings an opposite effect – the ‘interior’ forest bursts the darkness with a bright ray of the ‘day memory’.

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