Warm contemporary or dress-interior

Apr 26 2014

A modern home for young pragmatists. What should it be like?

When you come to a tailor for a unique outfit, naturally, you want it not only to ‘fit’, but also to leave you some space ‘to grow into’. This does not mean that you are planning to put on some weight, but that the outfit should remain up-to-date for several seasons.

This order was a dress-interior to remain in trend for at least 10 years. We’ll think of a new one afterwards. However, time goes by, but we are still in love with this one and are never bored. The trick is simple – correct spacing, warm colours, natural wood, original art, ageless bestsellers by Ligne Roset. It’s modern and it’s timeless. You can replace the upholstery, clean the carpet or take the drapes to the dry-cleaner’s. But you would not want to change anything else. Whatever growing ambitions the customers have, they implement them in their new projects carefully protecting their ‘first-born’.

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