Taste of Art Deco

May 28 2014

Each person has their own perception of luxury and comfort based on their personal experience, culture and taste.

This interior project is a two-storied penthouse in the center of a big city which was created as a private area for people with deep understanding of beauty and style.

The project was based on the space shaped as an elliptical segment with columns placed in an orthogonal grid. The conflict of smooth lines and rigid geometry was resolved to determine the basic interior solutions, both in planning and style.

The art deco reminiscences softened by typical classical motifs can be found on both stories of the apartment. Only the children’s rooms, expressing the young ladies’ mood, differ from the general stylistic and colouristic line.

The interior is full of art subtly combined different surfaces and materials – walnut, maple, stone (onyx, marble), metal, mother-of-pearl, mirror-coated glass, mirror inlays which create a unique spirit of cozy art deco luxury full of air and light.

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