Magic of Wood

Apr 26 2014

Pine forest, a sandy shore, vast surface of the lake… and the magic of wood which became the key of the entire interior.

A 500-square meter log cabin planned in a deliberately simple terraced manner naturally blended in the scenic landscape spreading along the edge of the woods.

The exterior of the house closely ties it to the scenery surrounding it. Nature easily flows to the very heart of this house through the huge living-room picture window facing the forest. The centre of the living-room is occupied by a two-way fireplace, the heart of the entire house. The open to below main area is full of air and seems even larger with the open beams and rafters of the wooden roof structure.

Unfortunately, even the most professional photography is unable to recreate the warmth and cosiness of the house appearance, the scent and breath of wood and the unique feel of all the natural and handmade in the house. We extremely enjoyed working on this project and finding unusual designs for it. The log structure itself suggested the themes of paintings and stained glass panels, furniture shapes and original decorations.

The people living in this house maintain harmony with their surroundings and treasure the warmth of their home, their family traditions and eternal values.

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