Bird’s eye view

May 28 2014

It’s a warm summer night, but today is Monday, and the next weekend is almost a week away. Tonight you and your family are not in your country house overlooking a quiet lake. You are relaxing on your open penthouse terrace styled as an Italian patio.
Warm-toned travertine and the classic decorations combine with olive wood of the roof. Bright hand-made ceramics, stone of different textures, vivid colour highlights in the natural stone and wood, copper pillars topped with Fine Art exterior classic lights join to create a unique atmosphere of a luxurious relaxation place. And, of course, the focal point of this project is the breathtaking panoramic bird’s eye view on the city living its life and changing from day to night. You become a spectator in a luxurious theatre box watching a magnificent show of the sunset first painting the city ‘stage’ scarlet and then gradually plunging it into the deep mysterious blue. At that point the ‘spotlights of your terrace turn the audience into the stage.
This project is a modern interpretation of Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, but here the sky is nor a static overhead fresco, but a vivid image of nature.

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